About Us

About Us

Pulse Center is among Dubai’s leading therapy and learning center founded in 2007. Licensed under the DHA and KHDA, Pulse Center integrates therapy and learning to provide the best in class services delivered by healthcare and education experts.

Under its healthcare services portfolio, Pulse Center is licensed as a rehabilitation center by Dubai Health Authority to offer speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychology services for children and adults.

The team at Pulse is comprised of multinational staff offering the best-in-class rehabilitation services ensuring your loved one is in capable hands. We focus on outcomes that lead our patrons to realizing their true potential – beyond any form of limitation, setback, or challenge.

We strive to create a stimulating environment where our patrons feel safe and secure, where their self-esteem is nurtured and each person can unfold their personality, learn and master challenges. We build on each person’s strengths and devise Individual Treatment Plans so that the child can develop their individuality and talents to achieve their full potential.


Under the education and learning portfolio, Pulse Center is licensed as a management training, educator's professional training, and child skills development center by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. Pulse Center is licensed to offer KHDA and DHA accredited courses in healthcare and educational sphere to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to perform their tasks better.

As a child skills development center, Pulse Center is awarded master franchise for Da Vinci Bricks in Dubai – a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program aimed at developing the engineers of tomorrow.

Pulse Center also integrates with schools to offer ABA Therapy and learning support to children of determination. We build on every child’s strengths and devise Individual Goals so that each can develop their individuality and talents to achieve their full potential.


Serendipity is

that moment of clarity when you discover that you’re where you need to be. In general, serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. At Pulse Center, we are not only dedicated to give you the best services, but we are also ready to help you discover unexpected and valuable outcomes - helping you to resolve your individual needs. We will work with you to develop new ways of coping that will further enhance and improve the quality of your life.


Why Serendipity

We strive to develop individual talents in people, regardless of their personal status. We aim to find the best in an individual and enable them to excel in that field; all while helping improve on related aspects to realize their true potential.