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Pulse Center provides speech therapy services to children and adults with developmental, psychiatric, and other conditions that affect speech. Our team of qualified therapists work collaboratively to ensure your loved one achieves their fullest potential.

A speech and language therapist assesses and provides remediation for disorders and difficulties linked with speech, pronunciation, language, reading, spelling, swallowing and auditory processing. Speech and language therapy (SLT)therapists possess knowledge in anatomy, psychology, neurology, education, linguistic, allowing them to cover a variety of pathology / difficulties. It is also deeply linked with pedagogy and psychology because of the pathology treated


Treatment is offered for the following:

Speech and Oral language:

  • Pronunciation trouble due to a deformity or an operation (cleft palate, tracheotomy)

  • Voice disorder (aphonia, dysphonia, nodule, cyst on vocal cords, post or pre-operatory)

  • Speech/language difficulties linked to a bilingual or multilingual environment

  • Aphasia (cerebral damage causing the loss of speech abilities)


Written Language:

  • Dyslexia-Dysgraphia

  • Learning delay/difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling

  • Graphomotor, fine motor skills (handwriting, drawing)

  • Reading and writing difficulties for people with brain injury



  • Dyscalculia

  • Learning delay/difficulties in mathematics, logic, and reasoning

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